Saba Sirens Pivot

Saba - Sirens

Dir. Reed Jackson Prod. Max Gardner DP. Frankie Turiano

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Freddie Atlas and the Disco BankRobbers

Dir/DP. Frankie Turiano

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Dir.Derek Brown DP. Frankie Turiano Prod. Amy DePaola

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Haute Hijab

Dir/DP. Frankie Turiano 

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Indie Fin - Be IndieDir. Fausto Becatti DP. Frankie Turiano. Prod. Bioscope Films

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Linda Briceno - 11

Dir/DP. Frankie Turiano Prod. A+M Productions

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Chriit & Leaf - BURN

Dir/DP. Frankie Turiano

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White Face

Dir. Mtume Gant DP. Frankie Turiano Prod. Natalie Eakin

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Frederic Casamir - Something About You

Dir/DP. Frankie Turiano. Prod. Brett Edward Stout

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Conor Oberst - Something Uncanny

Dir. Josh Rawson DP. Frankie Turiano Prod. A+M Productions

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Anastasia Baast - Evaporate 

Dir/DP Frankie Turiano

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Bianca Muniz - Take Me Away

Dir/DP. Frankie Turiano Prod. A+M Creative

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Lucas Bronkt - Womaback

Dir/DP. Frankie Turiano, Robbins Entertainment

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Billy Dean - J A B

Dir/DP. Frankie Turiano