"...and cinematographer Frankie Turiano who endows this short with a sublime color palette and interesting tone – as if the colors from a confectionery had been utilized and then quickly tortured – for they “pop,” but there is a dazzling muted touch to the overall look of "White Face." Turiano made sure he didn’t – no pun intended – “lighten up” for the sake of the comedy of the piece."

- Shadow and Act, White Face Review

"10:17 is an explosion of frustration, the flashing lights and emotional contemporary dance perfectly capturing the void Coenen found herself in, alone in that room in Brooklyn."

 - Hhhappy.com 10:17 video premiere. 

"I wouldn’t have been able to do it if I didn’t have a great relationship with my director of photography...like my DP are on the same page talking about shots. He knows what I’m talking about so I don’t have to double check him." 

 - Movieswithmae.com interview with director Mtume Gant. 

Photo by Janet Woo

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